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The StreatTeam core technology is based upon 27 years of print and pre-press expertise and combined with dynamic rules based software and streaming bandwidth technology.


Our StreetTeam Technology supports:


XHTML, HTML, HTML5, DHTML for fast loading pages with minimal overhead

bullet CSS scripting (Android, Safari, Mozilla, Opera)
bullet ECMAScript for mathematical expressions, forms, calculations, and logic
bullet Level 1 and Level 2 to DOM for smoother control of browser output to manipulate webpage information and presentation


These features allow for the fastest loading, most aesthetically pleasing branded pages for all internet enabled devices.


Below is a table of features as supported by various types of browsers. Y = 100% compliance, N = Much less than 100% compliance. These rankings change with each version of the browsers. StreetTeam renders the best experience independent of browser type.


Feature IE 6 IE 7 IE 8 Firefox 2 Firefox 3 Opera 9
Color 99% 99% 99% Y Y 97%
Counter N N Y Y Y N
Integer Y Y Y Y Y Y
Length Y Y Y Y Y Y
Number Y Y Y Y Y Y
Percentage Y Y Y Y Y Y
String N N Y Y Y Y



StreetTeam renders the best experience independent of browser type.


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