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Publishing consumer content has become more challenging. Consumers demand access not only in print, but on the internet. Moreover, they not only want streaming broadband access, they desire mobile additions, with the ability to download articles or ads whenever or where ever, 24x7.  Our StreetTeam technology takes native print files and renders exciting portals that can be easily accessed by any browser (mobile, desktop or PDA versions).


Our StreetTeam Technology can:


Combine video, audio, and high resolution photography into scalable, fast loading page sets

bullet Deliver browser agnostic versions of the content: Opera, Netscape, Safari, IE, Firefox, etc.

bullet Publish dynamic content via a schedule by day, week, month, etc.
bullet Produce consistent aesthetically pleasing page sets on cell phones or PDAs.

bullet Extend content push to social networks
bullet Free up internal resources to focus on publishing, not the latest internet and mobile browser standards



The StreetTeam Platform takes native files and produces dynamic social mobile content.


The software engages (ubiquitous access regardless of media).


The software listens (observes and collect analytics).


The software converses (targets your message to your customer).


Connecting to Customers, In the Ways They Live


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