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Consumers are demanding access 24x7 and in the medium of their choice.
bullet 57.4 Million Daily Internet Users
bullet 44.2 Million Daily Blog Readers
bullet 16 Million Log On to Facebook Daily
bullet 86.1 Million use their mobile phone to connect to the Internet
bullet 43 Million digital photo frames with Wi-Fi or smartcard capabilities projected by 2011
bullet 2 Million e-book readers sold in 2009, with an additional 10 Million projected for 2010
bullet 225 Million iPods sold
bullet 2 Million iPads sold in less than 2 months

Content providers should partner with new media technology (broadband internet, high-definition streaming, mobile browsing, and social networking) to meet these demands and improve ROI with message saturation.





Social Mobile Publishing engages your audience on all levels. lt provides:


Instant access to content

bullet New advertising channels
bullet Multiple opportunities for feedback or consumer action


Entertain or engage your audience with Social Mobile Publishing


Connecting to Customers, In the Ways They Live


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